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Pizzas done properly.

Serving up some of the biggest pizzas in Southampton, using only the freshest dough and the best ingredients, traditionally stonebaked to perfection.

Are you hungry yet?


Democracy for pizza lovers.

The Big Dough Co was founded to serve the need of true pizza fans. We went right back to basics and came up with the pizzas that we knew Southampton needed.

By using only the finest ingredients, from some of the industry’s best suppliers, we believe we have come up with THE BEST pizzas in Southampton. 

Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and we want to create a tribe of fellow pizza fans.

We regularly run polls and competitions where you, our fans, can submit your own pizza topping ideas and combinations. These are then voted in, and then you choose what you want to see!

Visit Us

3-4 Vernon Walk

Southampton, SO15 2EJ

Open Hours

Wednesday – Thursday: 1800 – 2200.

Friday: 1600 – 0000

Saturday: 1800 – 0000.

Sunday: 1800 – 2200.